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air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaning100% Customer Satisfaction
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAlways open for convenience service
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaning1 Year Warranty on all our work
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Customer Security Awareness

What you can expect as part of our concern to earn our new customers trust

Penguin Air Conditioning has taken steps so that you may feel in comfort from the moment our service truck arrives at the front of your home.

air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAll Trucks are company owned vehicles clearly labeled for distance visibility upon arrival.
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningPenguin Air conditioning DOES NOT FARM OUT WORK to other companies!
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAll company employees are clean cut, in uniform with the Penguin Air Logo.
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningEmployees are screened checked for Instant SSN check.
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningEmployees Background check on Nationwide and county Criminal Sex offender Registry.

Customer Credit Card Protection

air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAccept all Major Credit Cards

Because we accept credit card payments it is a responsibility for protecting sensitive card information and handling it securely.
All trucks are equiped with a network computer system to charge credit cards, for security the numbers will xxxx-out once processed.

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air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAllergies - Indoor Air Quality
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAir conditioner coil cleaning
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningHigh Efficiency Air Conditioners
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningWhy Duct Work Mastic Seal?
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningDirty Ducts?, Why Duct Cleaning?
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningEnergy Saving Tips

Air Conditioning System Products

air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningUltraViolet Lights installation
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningDehumidistat Installation
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAir Cleaner Media Filters
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningAir Conditioning Surge Arrester
air_conditioning_check_list_repair_service_duct_cleaningProgrammable Thermostat installation


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fort myers air conditioning serviceI live out of the state, Penguin Air was recommeded by a neighbour. Thank you for your service and patience on the instructions to enter the home without me there, I thought you should know I got home yesterday and the new air conditioning system is perfect. A sincere thank you, is good to know a sevice company I can trust..naples air conditioning service




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Air Conditioning Service AC Repair and New air conditioning system sales and installation.

We pride on our trucks stock of parts as they are fully stocked daily with a large inventory of original replacement parts, with a warehouse inventory of new air conditioning systems same day or next day replacement is possible.
Our technicians are EPA certified and attend yearly equipment certification with the experience to troubleshoot and resolve system failure on all brands of air conditioning equipment. Penguin air is an Authorized warranty dealer of all major brands.

Our service is systemized to have you cooling in the shortest time possible, infact our records show a fast response on service average within 2 hours or less!, This means the average customer will be cooling within 2 to 3 hours after placing the service call!. If you have an emergency needing a new air conditioner installed next day, ask one of our associates to help you arrange this today.

No extra charge for next day installations!

At Penguin Air we are passionate about Air Conditioning and Heating providing Florida the best heating and air conditioning repair service, sales and installations. We treat every air conditioning system, air conditioner repair and complete system installation with pride. Penguin Air Conditioning stocks every heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality product you'll ever need, providing quality HVAC equipment for over a decade installed by our highly trained, nationally certified on service and installation of heating and air conditioning systems, our epa certified technicians will ensure that your system is repaired, installed and operating to perfection and backed by our 100% Customer satisfaction.

Whether you need an air conditioner repaired, or a quote for a new air conditioning system, call today and find out for yourself why we're called the most trusted heating and air conditioning contractor in Florida.

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Air Conditioning and Heating system Replacement

family_enjoying_indoor_ac_comfortAccording to the Energy star guidelines the energy cost for cooling and heating the average home is costing the homeowner about $1,000 a year, nearly half the home's total energy bill. If your central air conditioning unit is more than 12 years old,replacing it with an ENERGY STAR qualified model could cut your cooling costs by 30 percent.

Penguin Air carries a large variety of products that earn the ENERGY STAR, this means that the products meet strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

ENERGY STAR qualified central air conditioners have a higher seasonal efficiency rating (SEER) than standard models, which makes them about 14% more efficient than standard models.

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Your home heating and cooling system is the single biggest power user in your home. Today's High Efficiency Systems Cost Less to Operate. In the past decade, the development of new technology has drastically improved the efficiency of heating and central air conditioning equipment. Today's high efficiency (HVAC) Air conditioning systems are so much more efficient that they can actually pay for themselves in energy savings.
If your existing system is old, in need of repair or simply inefficient, purchasing a new unit, one which can be as much as 50% more efficient than a system purchased just 10 years ago, can turn into a long term benefit. Rather than continuing to pay for ongoing repairs and costly monthly utility bills, invest in a new system today that will save you money for years to come.

There are many heating and air conditioning systems to choose from today. Contact Penguin Air Conditioning today and let our team help you decide on the system that best fits your specific needs. The size and age of your home, as well as the number of rooms, climate, local and regional utility costs, degree days and utility incentive rebate programs and enviromental issues are all factors that will affect the functionality and, therefore, selection of your system. Our courteous, professional and knowledgeable comfort advisors can assist you in choosing the best system for your home or business.

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You could save $100's cooling your home


You leave your thermostat set at one constant temperature.
You could be missing a great energy-saving opportunity. A programmable thermostat adjusts your home’s
temperature at times when you’re regularly away or sleeping.

Gain control over your energy consumption, it’s helpful to understand the most common causes of high bills.

learn more about thermostats


Your home has humidity problems
Poorly operating or improperly sized equipment could be to blame, there is a misconception about system sizing as many believe that a larger system would cool down the home faster therefore save energy. An air conditioning unit that is too large is ineffecient because it runs shorter cycles, and shorter cycles cause less efficiency in cost and cooling, and by not successfully removing the moisture of the air creates a humid condition.

Learn about oversized air conditioning sytems
Learn about humidity and mold

Your home has excessive dust
Leaky ductwork can also cause these problems, so having it sealed may be a solution. Monthly maintenance of your heating and cooling equipment’s filters may also help. Duct Cleaning may be needed as it may be too late to change filters now as the dust is within the duct work and as the system continues to cycle it blows the dust within the ducts through the registers into every room in your home.

Learn more about Filters

Choosing the Right A/C Contractor

Choosing the right Air conditionining contractor for the job may not often be as easy as we all would like it to be, in fact many homeowners who buy new high efficiency heating and cooling equipment don't get what they pay for. Utility bill savings are often minimal, and comfort and unhealthy air problems can worsen.
Researchers state this is due to improper sizing, pre-existing duct problems, and poor installation practices.
This is almost entirely due to contractor ignorance or a fast sale.
Homeowners rely on contractors, but very few of them are even aware of what they don't know about comfort system performance. And even more sadly, we find that many contractors simply don't care. Many just want to sell you a new metal box, hook it up, get it running, and move on.
Needless to say, the most important part of the customers buying process is to select a licensed state certified HVAC contractor with high efficiency equipment training and experience in- duct work, balanced air flow, static pressures, and most importantly proficient in Heat Load Calculations.
The EPA states:
"Contractors who have participated in advanced training on diagnostic and installation practices will be able to install better performing systems that save money and produce less air pollution than many who do not."



pm preventative maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your central air conditioning sytem, very similar to a vehicle's oil change and tune-up, benefits can maximize system performance, lower breakdown costs and inconvenience. Most emergency a/c repair calls are from systems that are not maintained, yearly Maintenance can reduce costs for both labor and materials, enhance indoor air quality and lengthen the life of your equipment. That approach, called yearly a/c preventative maintenance, involves ongoing, continuous measurement of key performance parameters of your equipment, such as voltage draws or vibration levels or the particulate contamination of oil, refrigerant levels and overall performance.

An air conditioner's filters, coils, and fins require regular maintenance for the unit to function effectively and efficiently throughout its years of service. Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. In addition to the steps below, you may also need to hire a professional service technician to assist with maintenance.

These parameters are also recommended by Florida Power and Light to help lower your overall annual energy bills.

About the following video

Here is a simple video demonstrating a dirty filter air flow. Air Conditioner Filters The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. Clogged, dirty filters block normal air flow and reduce a system's efficiency significantly. With normal air flow obstructed, air that bypasses the filter may carry dirt directly into the evaporator coil and impair the coil's heat-absorbing capacity.

Keeping the filter clean can lower your air conditioner's energy consumption by 5%–15%.


learn more on merv hepa filters learn more on preventative maintenance->

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Going Green in the HVAC Air conditioning industry.

going green articleIf you have not yet decided on why to upgrade an old air conditioning system, costly repairs and efficiency is not your concern, maybe reading the following article may help you understand why Penguin Air recommends replacing an old air conditioning system that are leaking R22 refrigerant into the atmosphere, for a new efficient system that will not only save you money on untility bills as well as hold parts and labor warranty but also contribute to saving the global environment.

A study by the United States Department of Energy discovered that HVAC technology amounted to the conservation of one-third of the nation's annual energy consumption is for heating and cooling systems. Taken from a bullitin posted by Mcquay air conditioning, along with space flight and computers, refrigeration made the "top ten" list of greatest inventions of the twentieth century. Without it, we would not have food preservation as we know it; nor would high-rise office buildings, modern health care facilities or schools be the comfortable places they are today.

Going Green take action for the future summary;
Note the age of your building's air conditioning system, the cost to maintain it, warranties, and the cost to replace it are all factors to weigh as HCFC R22 refrigerants are phased out. Your best preparation for the future is to take an inventory of the types of refrigerants your HVAC Air conditioning central A/C systems use, determine which, if any, are being phased out, and recommend replacement alternatives.

Consider the proactive approach: require that new equipment use "green" refrigerants so the equipment you buy today can be supported for its useful life. Moreover, you will have taken a big step toward restoring the Earth's ecology. But by the mid-1980s, the world recognized that common air conditioning refrigerants were severely damaging the Earth's ecology. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is slowly doing away with air conditioners that spout hydrocarbons R-22 refrigerant, which deplete the ozone layer. The EPA agency has stablished as of 2010 banning manufacturers from making units with a refrigerant known as R-22, commonly used to cool residential and commercial spaces.

"Green" refrigerants are available today for both large and small systems.
Large cooling systems, including all positive pressure centrifugal and screw chillers, are now being designed for HFC-134a and HFC-407C. In small systems those
under 100 tons HFC-410A has become the main replacement for HCFC-22.

Air Conditioning Repair AC Service.

Things you should know
about Air conditionining in florida

Referenced of Florida power and light information.

In most Florida homes, air conditioning accounts for 40-50% or more of the annual electric bill. So, this is the best place to start controlling your own energy consumption.

Keep your thermostat at 78 with the fan switch on auto.

  1. Cool your home only when you're there. When you leave for the day, move the thermostat up to 82 and turn it back down to 78 when you come back. It costs a lot less to bring the temperature down to 78 than it does to keep it at 78 all day or you can have us install an inexpensive programmable thermost that will do this for you automatically, so your home will be nice and cool whenever you're there...and you won't be wasting money when you're not.

  2. Remind everyone in the family how thermostats work: Your house won't cool down faster if you set the thermostat at 70. It just wastes money. If you want the temperature at 78, set the thermostat at 78.

  3. If the home is not your primary residence or are frequently traveling it is suggested to have a dehumidistat installed to keep your home air conditioning system running at a minimum resulting in savings and preventing mold growth.

  4. Clean or change your A/C filters once a month. A clogged filter makes your A/C work harder and may cause the system to break down.

  5. A standard air conditioner filter work well to keep your system and its ductwork clean, but they don’t really improve indoor air quality. To improve indoor air quality in your home it is recommended to hav a media filter Installed. The media filter rests between the main return duct and the blower cabinet and will improve dust and particle removal by seven times than that of a standard furnace filter.

  6. Maintain proper airflow through your system. Keep the interior doors and vents open to help your A/C circulate air more efficiently.

  7. Enter a preventative maintenance program to keep your system running efficiently.

  8. Keep sunlight out during summer months. If you have a lot of windows, you'll save on air conditioning if you keep the drapes or blinds closed when you're not home.

  9. Check your duct system for leaks. If you have central air, check all the ducts and seals. If they leak, you're wasting money. Click here for Duct System Test and Repair page for more information.

Home Air Conditioning and Central Air Conditioning Help Links

Controlling Allergies in your Air Conditioning System

keeping clean filters can help minimize exposure to allergens from your HVAC system. Installing higher merv filters into your air conditioning system can improve the air quality of your home or business.

Filters are measured in MERVs these filters range from 1 to 20, with 20 providing the highest level of particle filtration.

Types of HVAC Filters installed in the air conditioning systems
Other things to know about HVAC filters include the following:

Flat panel filters. These filters, put in place by most air conditioning systems today, it is what comes standard on most all units manufactuctured today, these filters generally have a rating of one to four MERVs, and are designed to protect the air conditioning system air handler, ducts and most importantly dirt build-up on the air handler evaporator coil fins but it is not design to improve indoor air quality.

High efficiency filters. These filters have MERV ratings of 14 to 16, can remove smaller particles than pleated filters.
Media filters.

learn more on merv hepa filters Learn more on Air conditioning system Media Filters


Can Health problems be caused by mold on my
Air Conditioning System?

family_enjoying_indoor_ac_comfortHow can I tell if there is mold in my air conditioning system, or should I test my home for mold?
Indoor mold growth can usually be seen or smelled. In most cases, if visible mold growth is present. There are no health or exposure-based standards that you can use to evaluate a mold sampling result. Sampling for mold in the air should only be done by experienced professionals. One good way to observe if mold is present in the air conditioning system is to have the air conditioning air handler door removed to observe moisture. Air conditioning ducts can have a great deal of mold if they are not sealed properly and begin to sweat within the duct liner. When opening the air conditioning system's air handler, look for visible mold growth.

Improved Indoor Air Quality with ultraviolet light. UV lights also reduces airborne biological contaminants in the home. Health threats such as viruses, bacteria, mold, and allergens are all sterilized by exposure to uv light. Air in the home cycles through the central air system repeatedly passing by the disinfecting UV light again and again.

Home owners breathe easy knowing that the air their family breathes is protected by this proven technology. Ultraviolet light installation is the simple, safe, and effective way to keep your air system clean and improve indoor air quality

ultraviolet light movie link

learn more on merv hepa filters UV Lights (Ultraviolet Lights) read more


Control Allergies by performing HVAC Maintenance

Controlling Indoor Allergens: Regular HVAC Maintenance
It is important to change filters regularly — as recommended, or every two months during use — and follow any maintenance instructions recommended by the air conditioner system's manufacturer. If you suspect mold may be growing inside your air conditioning system, you may want to consider having the air ducts cleaned.

If you see mold particles growing near the ducts or on other components of the system or if you smell a musty or moldy odor coming from your vents, consult a duct cleaning professional to check for an accumulation of mold.

Another thing you may want to consider when building a new home or replacing your existing HVAC system is a unit that replaces indoor air with filtered outdoor air.

"Some HVAC systems actually draw in air from the outside to the inside to help with the ventilation. Increased ventilation in your home can help reduce mold growth and other sources of indoor pollution.

Have your A/C installation or repair done right!

A recent study by a major electrical utility found that 79% of newly installed systems had either significantly too much or too little refrigerant gas. In fact FPL reports a large number of complaints from customers with high utility bills, poor duct work, improper installation reduces the amount of cooling created, and often causes premature failure of the new system.
It takes time and training to correct the refrigerant gas charge, proper soldering, flushing out refrigerant lines from minerals contaminents, check each plenums for rot or mold, proper glue seal all duct joints, A181 tape and mastic, vacuum down with a micron gauge to ensure proper microns before releasing the new refrigerant into the system, checking proper supply and return differentials and the list goes on for each installation.

Our Technicians can rebuild a plenum on site, all our trucks are equiped to be able to perform a good installation with the proper parts and tools. Penguin Air's technicians are all certified and attend yearly on going training. Very few residential contractors know how to do it properly. And even if they do know how, many still don't invest the time needed. A good contractor will either precisely weigh in the proper charge, or adjust it based on careful temperature, relative humidity and refrigerant gas pressure measurements. Improper installation of air conditioning systems is the leading cause for most equipment failure, poor duct work seal, unleveled install, improper wiring and breakers, missing traps, overcharged freon and the list goes on.

The air conditioning system, surprisingly is the least thought of, but is truly the hardest working and one of the most expensive component in the home, consuming over 50% of the electric bill and not to mention the quality of air that you and your family breathes.

Call us for a free estimate or a service call, all work guaranteed, Our Technicians are trained in customer service and work integrity, Penguin Air will not take short cuts or nickel and dime our customers. Choose Penguin Air and invest in a comfort system that will last you for many years to come.

Our estimates includes it all, We get the job done right!

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Penguin Air performs service repair and system installation of all major brands. We honor manufacturer's parts warranties of all Major Brands. All service repairs and installation have a minimum of 1 year written part and labor warranty.

100% customer satisfaction guarantee

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